Welcome to my Landing Page

About me

Welcome to my homepage, my name is Marcel Kühlhorn and I'm a free software enthusiast currently working on the openSUSE Project as Advocate in my free time and are as such contiously trying to encourage more people to use or help openSUSE.
Furthermore I am a Member of the openSUSE Travel Support Team which is funding active contributors of the openSUSE Project to attend events around the world.

Besides that I'm giving support to people new to Linux on IRC and various forums listet at the Links-Page as well as helping with the german translation of the ownCloud-Project

Another thing I'm doing is maintaining my parents homepage which centers
around their hobby: oldtimers. It is currently under heavy redesign so bear with me. (Spoiler: The Page is german and I'm currently not planning to translate it, but if you're interested let me know.)