Linux Day Vorarlberg 2018, HTL Dornbirn

openSUSE presence at the 20th anniversary

I've already been contacted in past years by xela from LUGV about getting some openSUSE presence to the Linux Day Vorarlberg but it always failed at finding volunteers for a booth as it was to far away for me...
This year however, when xela asked me again I finally was able to agree to setting up a booth since I moved near Munich earlier this year, which made the distance quite a bit smaller for me.

The Venue: HTL Dornbirn
I started my journey after work on Friday and arrived late that evening, checked in at the hotel, found a place to eat and called it a night since the booth hat to be set up at eight in the morning on Saturday and the event was to start at nine.

Booth set-up
While in previous years there where no volunteers to set up a openSUSE booth in Dornbirn, this year after I registered one during the CfP luriv agreed to help out and traveled all the way from Chemnitz to Dornbirn, so I want to thank him for that.

While there were some slow times, especially during the talks, there also was quite some interest so that there was almost always someone at the booth asking about openSUSE or giving feedback.
Overall, even though it is quite a bit smaller than CLT for example, I think it was a success and if I can make it work I plan on going again next year.

The venue is filling
Another thanks goes to vinz from TUXEDO Computers for lending us one of their InfinityBooks for visitors to try out openSUSE on as well as Doug for including a handful of Geeko plushies in the booth box he sent me, the kids loved them :)

Kids love plushies
Last but not least I want to thank the openSUSE Travel Support for making it possible for me and luriv to get there and represent openSUSE at this event for the first time in a long while.

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