Linux Day Vorarlberg 2019, HTL Dornbirn

Make it a yearly occurence

Since we quite liked our first time at the Linux Day last year our decision to go again was reached pretty quick when the CfP went up.
The Venue: HTL Dornbirn
Like last time, I started from work towards Dornbirn on Friday evening and even though I was spared larger traffic jams unlike last year, I still didn't make it in time for the dinner with the organizers due to an oversight in my preparations: I forgot to download the OsmAnd maps for the part of Baden-Württemberg the A96 crosses, so instead going all the way to Lindau on the highway my phone sent me through the Allgäu on country roads.

Warm welcome: Tux greeting the guests
Luckily luriv had better luck going there by train, having already arrived in the early afternoon to prepare the booth so we only had to put up our merch on Saturday morning.

Booth set up
Even though the event already exists for 21 years now, compared to others like Chemnitzer Linux Tage it is pretty small but the familial atmosphere more than makes up for it.
This year there was a total of 21 booths as well as 25 talks distributed over four tracks.

'Have a lot of fun' is still in our motd after all
A small thing I noticed was that compared to other booths openSUSE had quite a bit more decorations than many others and I think we have to thank Doug for sending all the booth materials to anyone who is interested in presenting openSUSE at events.

Some down time while everyone is listening to the talks
And as always I want to thank the openSUSE Travel Support for making it possible for me and luriv to get there and represent openSUSE.

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