#oSC12: Bootstrapping Awesome!

It's over, time for a review

For me this event was definitely a huge success since it was my first openSUSE Conference and by simply giving me the possibility to get to know the people behind all those IRC nicks and mail addresses, which is in my opinion very important for newcomers like me, it just scored.
Of course that isn't all, there were very interesting talks, workshops and many hallway conversations. I'll give a list of those I attended with links to the recordings at the end.

Even though it was a succesfull event for me I can see why some people differ on that point, for example it was somewhat unfortunate to only have two board members there since the Conference is supposed to be the Communities main event so the presence of those guys should be out of question.
At this point I'll point at Richard Brown's review since he already gives a really good list of what went well and what not so much.

Travel Support

The openSUSE Travel Support Programm is a really great initiative to help people with small budget to be able to attend all kinds of FOSS events as long as they are related to openSUSE.
I've been one of the people that were sposored for oSC12 and seeing how many people, especially ambassadors, didn't come I think either it isn't promoted enough yet or there are many ambassadors that are simply inactive. Both of these theories are already adressed by Izabel and Kostas and I want to thank both of them for enabling me to have a lot of fun in Prague even though I've applied late for sponsorship.

Right now I can't think of anything that is left to say except: If you missed it, go to YouTube where you can find recordings of most of the talks.

Talks I attended